LCNG-Fuel Ltd.


LCNG-Fuel is an engineering, trade and services company.

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided engineering services to the oil and gas industry.

We design and construct systems relating to industrial engineering and fuel technology. We also provide planning, construction, operations, maintenance and consulting services for various types of infrastructure within the alternative fuels sector.

We operate primarily in Hungary and either design and execute entire projects, or are contracted to fulfil only certain aspects.

Areas of expertise

We can provide full-scale planning and construction in these areas:

CNG and LNG filling stations

Establishing new filling stations. Reconstructing, transforming or improving existing ones.

Tank technology

Repair, modification, maintenance and periodic inspection of fuel tanks.

Regular filling station technology

The installation of fuel supply systems, tanks, dispensers, fuel terminals and cash register systems.

Industrial pipe technology

Welding and installation of carbon steel and stainless steel pipes. Construction of high-pressure piping systems and pressure vessels.

Supply systems

Including other oils, lubricants, additives, petrochemical supplies. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and water supply systems.

Welded structures

Support structures, operating platforms, ladders, canopies, and machine base frames.

Industries we operate in

CNG and LNG technology

We design and construct supply systems that provide the most optimal alternative fuels (CNG and LNG) for passenger cars and public service vehicles.

Tank and fuel systems

At several strategically important fuel distribution sites, we carry out priority construction and maintenance projects related to storage tanks and their supply systems.

Car manufacturers

We participate in the development and maintenance of fuel and other material supply systems in three Hungarian car factories.

Classic CNG filling station


Once a site is selected, we carry out the entire planning, approvals and construction works of the CNG filling station.

Taking into account the client’s needs as well as site conditions, together with our partners we create the specifications and procure the right CNG compressor units, dispensers and fuel terminals.

CNG transport on public roads


Compressed natural gas can be transported via road in high-capacity CNG storage units to sites where conditions are not suitable for the grid supply of natural gas, or where it would be very uneconomical to do so.

Once on site, gas pressure can be set to the desired level via the downloading station.

One of the biggest advantages of this system is that when you buy gas independent of the main gas network, you do not have to pay annual system usage fees, resulting in significant cost savings.